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Enabling Multichain Swaps


What is MultiSwap?

MultiSwap allows users to securely swap ANY ASSET for ANY ASSET on ANY NETWORK to ANY WALLET at transaction speed.

Web3 is in need of a multichain solution that conforms to the highest standards of security through technical architecture, OpSec and business best practices. We have committed ourselves to building the infrastructure needed to support such an interoperability protocol.

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$SWAPS Token Utilities




MultiSwap uses a unique swap and withdrawal flow for bridging and swapping. This approach allows users to see the gas cost of the swap on the source chain and the withdrawal on the destination chain.


Each swap transaction includes the intent for the bridge transfer. If the signature hash based security mechanism is compromised, the withdrawal can only be sent to the address defined in the original swap transaction.


With on-chain data serving as the source of truth, we can perform, validate and complete multichain bridge transfers at near transaction speeds.

ChainlessGas Solution

Conduct crosschain swaps without the need for the destination chain’s native token to pay for gas. With MultiSwap, users can pay the destination chain gas fees using the origin chain’s native token.

MultiWallet transfers

Conduct crosschain swaps and transfers in a single transaction. With MultiSwap you can swap assets and send the destination chain token to a different wallet address than the address on the origin chain.

Ferrum Inter Blockchain Express Routing Engine

Fiber Engine

FIBER is MultiSwap’s proprietary routing engine that aids in sourcing the optimal path for conducting swaps, bridging, and settlement across chains. If an asset has liquidity in the bridgePool, it is classified as a Foundry Asset and benefits from reduced fees during a swap.

FIBER works through the FIBER Engine, which interacts with the FIBER Router, Fund Manager, and external entities.

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Fee Token

MultiSwap Fees

In MultiSwap you will have the ability to choose between different tokens to pay for platform fees. These include native network tokens, USDC, FRM and cFRM. Users who opt to use FRM will receive a 25% discount while those who opt to use cFRM will receive a 50% discount.

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About MultiSwap

Asset Types

MultiSwap’s routing engine, FIBER, categorizes assets into three distinct types depending on their liquidity setup.

Foundry Assets

Assets that have single asset liquidity added to the bridgePool are categorized as Foundry Assets. This liquidity can be added by Ferrum or the Token Administrators of listed tokens.

Refinery Assets

Assets that have pair liquidity added with USDC to an ecosystem DEX are categorized as Refinery Assets. This liquidity can be added by Ferrum or the Token Administrators of listed tokens.

Ionic Assets

Assets that don’t fall into the Foundry Asset or Refinery Asset categories are categorized as Ionic Assets. This includes any asset with available liquidity on an ecosystem DEX.